The four seasons at Eataly Ristorante

It's always happening something in our resturant. Each season involves various tasks and preparation for the coming up events. Here's a little sneak peak on what we're doing.


When the snow melts at Aker Brygge, the crocuses are peepig out and the green spring out of the trees - that's when we start to prepare for the summer season. We're expanding our staff with new chef's and waiters, and our terrace expands more and more as the temperature rises. Because of the hotter temperatures, we can start to plant the herbs, berries, vegetables and the flowers that we always have. Some of our plants have survived the winter cold, while others wintered in the heat inside.

In the kitchen, it's an ongoing brainstorm about what kind's of dishes get the honor of showing up on our summer menu. We always pick the ingredients by the season we're in - because we want to give the best quailty and taste to our dishes. While the kitchen takes care of the new menu, we're taking a good look at our wine and drinks selection and adding/ swapping some of them. A taste experience is not complete without the perfect drink in your hand. After serveral tests, Eataly's summer drinks are chosen.

With the changing season, long sleeves shirts fall away and the new uniforms are worn - followed by cheers from the employees. Meanwhile, all the procedures within the HMS and fire safety are undergone, considering both staff and guests. Safety is always in focus, so that our staff enjoy their work and that the doors are always open to our guests. 



After all of the preparation in the spring, we're ready for the full impact summer, Eataly's peak season at Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen. In this time, you have to be on top of your game, work well with the person on your side, communicate with the kitchen, watch the guests at the door and remember to never loose the smile on the lips!

Our opening hours are longer, we're open until 24 everyday accept from sundays when we close the doors at 22. The new menu for both drinks and food comes in use. Guest's and staff are enjoying the evening sun that keeps our terrace warm all night. We keep the pace up, waiters and chef's are working hard to keep the guest in focus. 

After long glorious days with sun and a few days inbetween with rain, the fall keeps getting closer. Again, you start all over with a new menu after the ingredients that tastes like heaven this time of the year. 



We look back at the season that has passed. What was good, what can we do better? Should we do anything different next year? The staff at Eataly are always brainstorming and trying to come up with new ideas. The summer staff are gathering for the last goodbye's, some of us are going to travel over the cold season - while others are going back to school.

The temperature falls again, and the plants that cant tolerate freezing temperatures are moving inside. The leaves on the trees turns from green to autum's glorious shades of red, yellow and orange. We remove all the tables, chairs and so on from the terrace and put everything in the storage over the winter. 

The new menu is ready to suprise us with the new flavours the time brings.  We change our opening hours to wintertime,  do the same procedure with HMS and safety - so we're always ready to be there for staff and guest's.

In the end of this season, another menu is made - the christmas menu. That's a italian three course dinner with our own twist - only the imagination set's the limits!



The last leaves fall from the trees, and the sparkling snow lands on our feet. We find all our chandeliers and create a even more cozy atmosfere inside. The restaurant are full with bookings from the christmas menu, and people are enjoying our tasty food and hospitality. 

The christmas eve is getting closer and closer, and we're working hard to get the same feeling in the resturant. One year is almost over, and we're looking back and forward at the same time. We have probably learned some lessons, and take everything with us in to the new one. 

We have a new plan and budget for every season the new year gives us. One thing we always do, is working towards the future - and that will never stop. 

The last month of the year is the shortest one for us, the guest's and staff are going home to family and friends. Eataly Ristorante are closing the doors at december 21th, and we welcome everyone again the 2th januray for new experiences!